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Temporary Suspension of Worship Services

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the authorities’ calls to avoid public gatherings, and out of care for all God’s children, Council has decided to suspend worship services.

Mid-Winter Fellowship Dinner

Feb 15, 2020, from 5-8pm An evening of food, fun, talent and fellowship. Surnames A – L are asked to bring a salad, starter or dessert. Surnames M – Z are suggests to bring a savoury or main dish. *Please label any dishes with dairy, wheat or nuts for those with allergies. This is also…

Advent/Christmas Events

Dec 15 10 am – Ezra 1:1-4; 3:1-13 7 pm – evening service (Lord’s Supper) Dec22 10 am Luke 1:5-13, 57-80 no evening service Dec 25 10 am Christmas service Dec 29 10 am Mark 1:1-20 no evening service

Apple Picking October 12

The ANCRC apple picking event is scheduled for October 12th, Thanksgiving weekend. ANCRC has leased two trees from which we may pick completely clean. Whoever picks apples can take home what they like and then we like to have a box of apples at church the next Sunday to share with those who were unable…