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Church Picnic Update

Sunday, June 24th Directly after service and coffee time.   DeWolf Park 150 Waterfront Dr. – Bedford *Meet at Parking lot*   Suggested Bring & Share Surnames A – K Desserts, Fruit or Chips Surnames L – Z Savory, Salads, Veggies or drinks *Playground, picnic tables & public washrooms in park.* Don’t forget blankets and…

Pentecost Sunday, May 20

Today is Pentecost Sunday… and Bluenose Race Day… and the middle of the Victoria Day weekend. Wow.   We’ll focus on Pentecost, the celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit. Want to learn (or reacquaint yourself) with this dramatic event? Read about it here .  


Pastor Henry Boehm is our guest preacher this Sunday. Today, we remember the mystery of Christ’s ascension – an important event that followed Jesus’s rising from death, and preceded the gift of the Holy Spirit (stay tuned… that’s our focus next week!). To read the story of Christ’s ascension from the Bible, look here.

Last “Friday Fuel” for the season. This time… potluck!

This Friday, May 11, is your last opportunity to enjoy a family-style shared meal at the home of the Clancys. Thank you to this household, who shop, cook, bake, welcome, visit, and clean up for an ever-changing collection of folk. What a gift this has been to our congregation! For this final get-together, it will…