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Students Get 10% Off

It’s not just Superstore that does it.  It’s not just Sobeys.  All Nations also gives students 10% off.  Simply show up on a Sunday morning, and you will receive 10% extra grace.  Cannot be used with any merit-based coupons.  For an unlimited time only.

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Congregational Gathering

Let’s renew our Concept of Ministry – “It’s about time!” say the guys in the picture. For more info, click here. It takes place September 27 (not the date on the top of this page; that’s simply the date of this news post).  

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We all know we should forgive others, because Jesus told us to.  But sometimes the hurt seems too big, or we just don’t know where to start.  That’s where (un)hurt can help.  This practical, biblical workshop guides us step by step through the process of forgiving. This workshop includes small group discussion questions, guidance for…

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