2 Special Things Next Sunday Morning Worship, June 11

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  • Children and Worship and Learning: Next Sunday we will acknowledge the children who have completed their years in “Children & Worship” – they are now so much more ready to worship with more of God’s people in the sanctuary. To help them transition, and in order for us all to learn, the June 11 service will be “amplified” – meaning, there will be added explanation about why we do what we do in worship.  It is helpful for children and their parents to think this through since some things between C&W and sanctuary worship are the same and some things are different.  The service will also include some things that are particular to Children & Worship, in order to help children experience the connecting points between worship “upstairs” and worship in the sanctuary. 
  • Quintes: And the Quintes will join us on June 11! The “Quintes” are the grade 12 class, and their parent and teacher chaperones, from Quinte Christian High School in Belleville, Ontario, who come each year as an end-of-the-year trip to serve our city in Christ’s name.  They will  join us for morning worship on June 11.
Author: Brian Mackintosh