Children and Worship begins to meet this Sunday after a summer break.

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Children aged 4–7 are welcome to proceed from the sanctuary following the Prayer for Understanding and continue worshiping for 50–55 minutes in the Children and Worship room found on the upper level.

The C & W room is specifically designed to allow children to joyfully experience the wonder and mystery of God through a storytelling format and age-appropriate, multi-sensory materials. In this space they gather as a community of God’s children, to be with God, talk with God, listen to God, and hear the stories of God. Together, they wonder about and respond to the story for the day in a variety of ways: re-telling a story, or using art materials.

They also pray and share a feast time together. Each child is given a special blessing as they leave to be a disciple in their homes, schools and activities. You can find more information at the official Children & Worship website.

Author: Brian Mackintosh