Join us in our commitment to lifelong faith formation!

Most Sundays from September to June there is church education following morning worship (from about 11:30 – 12:30).
This is for God’s children of all ages – there are classes for pre-school aged children all the way up to adults.

Our children’s Sunday School ministry uses “Walk With Me” for preschoolers and a wonderful curriculum called “Dwell” for Primary through Junior High.

Walk With Me allows preschoolers to journey through sequential Bible stories, including Old Testament and New Testament stories as well as special lessons designed to help your child understand the meaning of Christmas and Easter.

Want to get a feel for how Dwell encourages our children from Primary through Grade 9 to feel welcome, to reflect, and to respond?
Link to an introductory video.

Our denomination is systematic about studying the Bible and sharing God’s good news about Jesus.

Moreover, we are positive that little ones matter to God, and so children’s ministry
is about way more than just keeping everyone busy.
Curious to know what your child will be learning? Check out this  overview  of Dwell Curriculum.

High School students  take short courses using stand-alone studies. The last time that we checked, we had yet to know the title of this season’s resource. (Check back for more info later.)
This September, consider attending one of our two adult classes:

             Want to learn more about Jesus?   Discover where faith and life meet. Learn what the Bible has to say by asking questions and seeking answers from the passage studied. Great for lively discussion and thoughtful insights—no previous Bible learning required!  Matthew: One King… is a survey study of the life and teachings of  Jesus in 8 sessions, with add-ons to enrich your learning during the week if you wish.

All are welcome. For more information, contact the church – or just show up on Sunday, September 24!


Interested in the role of the church in the public sphere?

The Reformation: 500 Years and Counting
In light of the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, this Sunday School series will explore the history of the reformation, as well as the ways that the reformation continues to shape our world today. We will begin with an exploration of a contemporary conversation between Christian philosophers Robert Audi and Nicholas Wolterstorff on the role of the church in the public sphere. We will then explore the history of The Reformation recognising both the changes and the pain that it continues to inflict on God’s church. By the end of the series, participants should be able to identify the role that The Reformation continues to play in our contemporary world, and some of the ways it continues to shape our identity as Reformed Christians.

This class begins on September 24.


  • September 24  Classes begin for all ages
  • October 8          No class for Thanksgiving Weekend
  • December 24    No classes for Christmas break
  • January 7          Classes resume
  • April 1              No class for Easter (to allow for a Celebration Brunch)
  • May 20              No class for Victoria Day Weekend
  • June 10             Last day of class

Offered about once a year: “Introduction to All Nations Church”: led by Pastor Dave and an Elder.  A fairly painless way to meet people and learn about our congregation and our denomination.  In the mean time, to learn more about our church, browse this website.  To learn more about our denomination, the Christian Reformed Church,” check out their website.