IMG_0151 The Community Kitchen was initiated by the Coffeebreak women’s group.  In the 2015-2016 year, it will take place sporadically, so stay tuned for announcements and watch the website calendar.  The purpose of the community kitchen is to show God’s love through food and community.  Everyone is welcome to contribute their time and to purchase meals.

The Community Kitchen [not to be confused with the community chicken]  is a place where you contribute what you can: time and energy cooking, financial contribution, or both.  Nobody simply receives; we all become part of the kitchen and work together to provide multiple take-home meals for all involved.  We build relationships through our work together in the kitchen and end our time together with a meal.


We are prayerful that God will bless our efforts to build community within Coffee Break, All Nations and eventually with the broader community; and to feed those who desire assistance with meals for the week.  We pray God will use our community kitchen to feed us spiritually and physically.  You can download more information here .