Big Bloomin’ Plant Market 

The first annual plant market was June 6, 2016 — a one day event.  We worked with Blomidon Nurseries to bring this plant market to our church location.  This was an exciting event for All Nations and our neighbours.

The Blomidon Nurseries 2015 Reference Guide contains listings of trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, rhododendrons, roses, etc., that are available for pre-ordering for the serious landscaper/gardener.  The Guide was sent out through our newslist e-mail.  ANCRC was eligible receive 20% of the retail price shown in the guide.  This could be helpful for someone wishing to order something larger than smaller annuals or perennials.  Just an option and, if interested, call Dale.  Questions can be directed to a member of the Fund Raising Consortium – Dale, John V, Paula, Conrad, Jessica, Emily V or Miranda.




Currently, there are two ways to participate in fundraising.

Retail Gift Cards: You can buy gift cards at their face value, and a portion of the money will go to our church debt reduction fund.  In other words, while this program involves a cash flow issue for you, it does not cost you any more money than if you had purchased straight from the retailer.  Retailers included on a recent order form are Sobeys, Superstore, Petro Canada, Shell, Boston Pizza, and many, many more.  Below is a partial example of an order form.  Contact Paula for information and to place an order.

Greeting Cards: All Nations greeting cards feature photography that highlights the beauty of our Church building.  Each card has a photograph of one of the Church’s beautiful features on the front and the Church’s address on the back.  They are blank on the inside which means that they can be used for any occasion you choose.  Above are pictures of them.  Cards are $15 for a pack of 10 with proceeds going to the Church Building Fund.  Contact Paul VE for information and to place an order.


In the near future, there will be other fundraising initiatives to raise money for our needed building repairs.

Gift Card Order Form-Nov.14