Musical Chairs Trophy

Above: The Gilded Chair trophy, in all of its glory.

The Annual ANCRC Musical Chairs Championship is an event with a storied and glorious history.

It takes place after morning worship somewhere during the Christmas holidays – on the last Sunday of the year, or the first Sunday of the new year.

It is not for the faint of heart (nor for people who’ve recently had hip surgery).

All hail the victor who claims the Gilded Chair!


Note:  Our event has not yet been accepted into the Olympics.

Musical Chairs

Video: Siege Perilous


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2018 Champions: 

  • (under 10 category)

2017 Champions: 

  • (under 10 category)

2016 Champions:

  • (under 10 category)

2015 Champions:

  • Mark
  • Stephanie (under 10 category)

2014 Champions:

  • Martin
  • Danielle (under 10 category)

2013 Champions:

  • Simon
  •  (under 10 category)

2012 Champions:

  • Simon
  •  (under 10 category)

2011 Champions:

  • (under 10 category)

2010 Champion:  Adam

2009 Champion:  David W

2008 Champion:

2007 Champion:  Adam

2006 Champion:

2005 Champion:

2004 Champion:

2003 Champion:  Dave

2002 Champion:  Dave

2001 Champion:

2000 Champion:

1999 Champion:

1998 Champion:

1997 Champion:

1996 Champion: