Rhyming and weirdness is getting out of hand around here.  See this page for some history on the Wild & Crazy women and the Mild & Lazy men.

Now there are women who call themselves “Wise & Hazy”. Age may or may not (well, may, actually) be a factor in the choice of this name.

Their motto is: “We may be getting a little older physically, but mentally we’re still tarp as shacks!”

This group’s gatherings typically take place at 11:30 a.m. because that, obviously, allows for a mid-afternoon nap.

Talk to Pam if you’re interested!

Apparently, now there is talk of a senior men’s group: the Tired and Achy, and re-naming the youth group the “Young and Spacey”….

There is no membership – all women are welcome!

Please check in with Pam or Henny for future Wise & Hazy events.

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